Friday Hi-Fives: What a Week!

Today’s Hi-Fives come with the bonus (albeit virtual!) smell of fresh coffee! I’m writing today’s post in Tinderbox and can hear the whirr of the cappuccino machine in the background along with excited chattering as people start their weekends. I’m reflecting on the past week – and what a week it’s been!

After seeing Ant-Man (in 3D of course!) together last weekend, Gary headed off to London for a few days and I jumped head-first into a week of awesome events to keep me out of mischief. On Monday, I visited the Wear Eponymous pop-up shop in Princes Square, which boasts a curated collection of Scottish creative talent. Having seen their gorgeous goodies up close I would urge anybody out shopping in the city this weekend to check out the store (tomorrow is the last day!).

On Wednesday I ventured up to Dundee for a short but very sweet visit to Malmaison for The Daydreamer Afternoon Tea. It was a wonderful way to chase the mid-week blues away – and you can expect a full report next week…

Yesterday I grabbed dinner with Ayden before we went to check out the Factory 45 bloggers event, which gave me the opportunity to meet some of the designers and of course the team at Factory 45, who have a lot of passion for their business. It never really feels like work if you’re doing something you love, right?

This theme continued later in the evening when I was invited along to the Onyx Makeup Masterclass with Beauty Vloggers Jamie and Amber. These ladies know all the tricks in the book and I was in awe of their skills!

Which brings us to today – another Friday and time to get hi-fiving! Here are a few things that I think you’ll enjoy checking out this weekend:

Link Love

Clueless just turned 20 years old (!!) so here’s 25 things you never knew about everyone’s favourite movie…

Kaylah’s photos from Ballarat are just incredible

I love what my girl Emily has done with her shed – it looks like the cutest clubhouse for girls!

Did someone mention Chocolate Coconut Bark?! Angela is saying all the right words with this recipe

Make the most of your evenings! MJ has 5 killer tips to get your energy back

Also Making Me Smile…

Phone calls with Gary while he is in London (even if I get jealous of the weather!)

Super glittery Bowie-esque eye makeup

This headband!

Launching my #Yay500kGiveaway (and there’s still time to enter…)

Meeting new faces and spending time with some awesome ladies


Here’s to an UH-MAZING weekend – see you guys next week!

Love, scones and sequins,


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