My Winter Skincare Saviour

IMG_8200 Oh, winter! With your hot chocolate, crisp weekend walks and cosy mittens – there’s so much that I love about this time of year. But my skin? Not so much! It doesn’t take a dermatologist to guess that several months of bracing winds, jacked-up indoor heating and lack of sunlight can leave my face feeling dull and dry. I wish that the only effect of the cold weather on my cheeks was a rosy glow (a girl can dream)!

Last year, I talked a little about upping my game when it came to skincare, and ever since the temperature started to plummet, I’ve found that it has been even more important to keep a reasonable routine – starting with a good facial moisturiser. My skin is already very dry at the best of times (thanks a LOT childhood psoriasis!), and I have always have had a few problem areas on my face that need extra attention.

IMG_8199 Keeping my face feeling plump and hydrated at this time of year has therefore been a bit of a challenge. The driest parts of my face seemed to absorb the moisturisers at a rate so fast it once made a lady giving me a facial exclaim that she’d ‘never seen that before’ (I almost felt like something out of a comic book – except what kind of superhero wants flaky, dehydrated skin to be their ‘thing’?). I went through a LOT of products to try and quench my thirsty skin, and most of them haven’t worked out – in a real, skincare-themed “it’s not you, it’s me” scenario!

I needed a winter skincare saviour and I needed one fast.

IMG_8201 This all changed when I started using Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl’s, which was about six months ago on a complete whim. Working it into my skincare routine, and using it alone on very lazy/ busy days when I didn’t quite manage to do all of the other steps (hey, I’m just being honest!), I started seeing the benefit almost immediately. Instead of disappearing right away, the light-textured cream left my skin feeling soft and comfortable, giving me the hydration I was after and acting as a great kick-start before I applied my make up.

As you can probably guess by now, my skin can be a little bit difficult to handle, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that as the months got colder, my face has stayed looking and feeling well-balanced. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream first got my attention when I heard about its reputation for protecting skin in harsh weather conditions – even managing to keep the skin of the team embarking on the ‘Greenland First Ascent’ expedition protected and moisturised! Now THAT’s a product review I can get behind…

As the unique formula ensures that moisture is replenished throughout the day, I only need to apply this cream once in the morning and I’m good to go!

IMG_8202 Kiehl’s UK have teamed up with the MTV: Staying Alive Foundation to release a limited-edition of my favourite Ultra Facial Cream, with the packaging designed by the charity’s ambassador, Tinie Tempah. £2 from each purchase of the moisturiser will be donated to MTV Staying Alive Foundation, and help to support the fight against HIV & AIDS.

Even though Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream has been my true winter skincare saviour, you can bet that I’ll still be using it year-round to keep my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. And with proceeds from this product currently supporting such an important cause, there’s never been a better time to pick up a pot (available in-store and online). Be sure to use #tiniexkiehls to share your support on social media!

Do you have a winter skincare saviour to share? If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Here’s to giving flaky faces the boot,


Kiehl’s work to fight HIV & AIDS has been ongoing since the 1980’s and today, AIDS is still the #2 cause of adolescent death globally. To further support this campaign , you can text HIV1 to 70660 to donate £5 to the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

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