The Glasgow Veggie Diaries: YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi

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Anyone who thinks that going out for sushi is all raw fish and nothing else needs to pay YO! Sushi a visit, like now. The popular Japanese chain has been a firm favourite of mine since the early 2000s, and, even after I made the switch to a vegetarian diet, it still remains one of my first choices when I need something quick and flavoursome.

This is due to the fact that YO! Sushi have an awesome selection of meat-free dishes, which just seems to keep growing. So, even though I’m not introducing a new restaurant today, it is genuinely one that I love to visit – it’s about time I gave YO! Sushi the Glasgow Veggie Diaries treatment…

YO! Sushi

It’s been almost TWENTY YEARS (!!) since YO! Sushi arrived – starting in London’s Soho in 1997 before expanding into department stores, cities and other countries. The bright, fun and contemporary branding of the restaurants, along with their use of the traditional Japanese kaiten conveyor belts to serve their dishes, is what immediately grabbed my attention all those years ago. But it’s their freshly prepared food and menu additions that manage to keep things interesting for me.

A few weeks ago, Gary and I headed to YO! Sushi in Silverburn to try out some of their newest dishes, along with some of the usual suspects!

YO! Sushi

Even though it can be tempting to only grab the dishes that happen to be travelling along the belt as you dine, I firmly believe that it’s always well worth checking out the menu to see if anything else catches your eye. We couldn’t wait to try out YO! Sushi’s new arrival – the Poke Bowl. This is a bowl of nutritional awesomeness, inspired by the Hawaiian islands and filled with rice and fresh veggies. Not only is it good for you (hell-o, lean protein and omega-3!) but it tastes great too. A new favourite for sure.

YO! Sushi

Next up, some hot dishes. Gary tried to order the tofu katsu curry, but it wasn’t available so he got the kabocha pumpkin katsu instead which he enjoyed and said was a good seasonal take on the usual favourite.

YO! Sushi

While Gary was face-deep in katsu, I was enjoying the yasai chahan (vegetable fried rice). This was served with edamame, chilli powder and sesame oil and was just on the right side of spicy for me (many of you will know by now that I am, by my own admission, a total wimp!). We also had some yasai gyoza which I can never resist! I’m starting to think I might have an addiction to dumplings, you guys. Someone needs to wean me off of them before I turn into one…

My favourite item to grab off of the belt at YO! Sushi is the kaiso seaweed salad. It’s just so fresh and tangy and I love the mix of textures between the chewy seaweed and the crunchy carrots. Plus, anything flavoured with miso is always going to have a special place in my heart so there’s also that.

YO! Sushi

We also had some avocado & mayo nori rolls and I ordered the mother of all hand rolls: yasai temaki. Another perfect example of why sushi REALLY isn’t just about fish. The yasai temaki was filled with cucumber, tofu, egg and rice, making it a super hearty option.

While we were eating we noticed the new Tokyo To Go service from YO! Sushi, which allows you to pick up some of their best-loved items as a takeaway option or (depending on your area) you can have your YO! fix delivered to your home. Imagine: all those yasai dumplings arriving for a Sunday Netflix marathon. Perfect!

YO! Sushi

I’ve never needed much persuading to go to YO! Sushi, and I’m so glad that their approach to vegetarian dining is as exciting as the rest of their menu. This was our first visit to the Silverburn branch, but I am sure it won’t be our last.

Have you tried any of YO! Sushi’s new dishes? Does your idea of a perfect Sunday involve dumplings and Netflix too?

Love, miso and endless gyoza,


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