If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Know

you'll never know

Last week, I was having an official Proud Pal Moment on a massive scale. Three of my friends had totally shaken up their professional lives (in three completely different ways, I might add!) and I could not be more excited for them. I’m STILL very excited for them!

From starting their own business, to stepping out of their regular routine, walking into a new work environment and finally, pushing themselves to go that one step higher; each of them decided to take the leap of faith required to try something new. Risky? Yes. Brave? Yes. Important? Oh, hell yes!

And here’s why: comfort zones are good, to an extent. They are familiar, and make us feel safe. Sometimes though, they can feel more like a rut. This is especially true if you’ve stopped learning and feel like you can’t bring anything new to your work. You’ve achieved all of your goals and all of the additional ones you came up with, too. It then becomes less comfortable and more…boring.

If the average full-time working person spends around 40 hours of their week doing something (and that’s a LOT of time when you stop and think about it), do they really want to spend it feeling bored? I know I don’t!

I am a firm believer that pushing ourselves to step out of that comfort zone and challenging ourselves doesn’t just keep things interesting on a day-to-day level, it also helps us to see just what we’re capable of.

By taking on a new project, you might discover skills you never knew you had. If you seize a new opportunity (or create one!) your confidence will soar, and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to raise your hand and say “hey, I can do that”!

It might be that what you’re currently doing is causing you stress, and life is way too short to spend it feeling miserable. When one friend decided to leave all of that behind and put herself first, even at the risk of having to start again in a new workplace, I 100% knew she was doing the right thing.

Whatever the scenario may be, taking a leap and trying something different (no matter how big or small) IS scary, but I’ve always found that it will be worth it!

If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Here’s to taking risks and always growing…


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  1. This is a lovely post, you are an excellent pal 🙂

    I may have one of these leaps of faith of my own just waiting on the final piece falling into place, it’s an excellent feeling.

    Happy new year, lovely!


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