Minty Fresh: Balmain x Specsavers

Balmain x specsavers

There’s nothing like going along to a press day filled with beautiful eyewear to give you that little kick in the pants to go and get your eyes tested! After spending way too much time swooning over the new Balmain x Specsavers collection in December, I made a mental note to self to book into my local Specsavers opticians to check up on my peepers.

It turned out, according to the team at my appointment, that it had been about three years (whoops!) since I had a proper eye test so it was definitely a welcome reminder! My appointment was super thorough – checking my overall eye health as well as my vision.

Balmain x specsavers

My eyesight is pretty good (I mean, I CAN spot a Paul Rudd movie when Gary is trying to discreetly switch channels in the next room before I notice – it’s a skill, you guys!), but like anyone using a computer for hours at a time, my eyes can get tired so it’s good to have glasses that I can reach for when I need them. Having an up-to-date prescription is even nicer!

When it came to picking out a new pair from the Balmain x Specsavers range, it was like a scene from Sophie’s Choice. There are 13 very unique frames in the collection and they are all so stylish – I loved trying them on (twice!).

Balmain x specsavers

Eventually, I settled on these minty green ones – the pastel shade is perfect for Spring and the chunky acetate gives them a bit of an exaggerated feel. When it comes to accessories, I can’t get enough of fun, statement pieces and these glasses are no exception! Balmain are known for bold, modern designs and it’s awesome to see the French fashion house inject some of their signature style into our high street.

Whether I’m sitting working on something new, having a movie marathon, or face-deep in a book for a few hours, I’m keeping these bad boys handy from now on.

Have you seen the Balmain x Specsavers collection yet? Any pairs caught your eye (HA!)?

Learn Something New This Year: Glasgow Workshops & Classes You Need to Try

glasgow workshops

Hola, friends! A few weeks back you may remember that I was chatting all about jumping into 2018 with positive intentions and seeing the shiny potential that lies in the months ahead – and my first suggestion was about trying something new! Now, that sentiment can take many different forms BUT one practical way you can really throw yourself into something new and exciting is by signing up for a course or event.

Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few Glasgow workshops & classes have launched for this year and wanted to tell you about the ones that caught my eye and look particularly fun! Whether you’re looking to build a new skill, or just want to spend some free time doing something different, I think you’ll love the look of these.

Here are the Glasgow workshops & classes you need to know about…

Vanilla Ink’s Jewellery School 

With 35 years of combined experience in the jewellery industry, Vanilla Ink’s Kate and Scott have created a comprehensive programme of learning to suit everyone from beginners to more advanced students in their Glasgow workshop. Silver jewellery, stone setting and wax carving are just a few of the awesome classes they offer – check out the full range here!

Papercup’s Barista Basics 

If you love coffee and have always wanted to learn how the pros make that perfect cup, the team at Papercup have you covered with their Barista Basics evenings. Over a 3-hour event, you’ll pick up a mix of theory, history and practical work (including those elusive latte art techniques!) and walk away with an increased knowledge of espresso-based coffee – and maybe a little bit of a caffeine buzz too…

Sew, De-stress and be Social with Sew Confident 

My bestie is one of these clever cookies that can make her own clothes. Like, she’s AMAZING. As in, made her own wedding dress amazing. Do you ever look at that kind of talent and feel a bit in awe? Well, Sew Confident have set up a one-stop shop for upskilling on all things sewing, with crafty classes that cover crocheting, quilting and oodles of clothes and accessories. They also promote sewing as a social hobby that can help you to de-stress and have fun! Find out more about what they do and how to book here.

Laura Elizabeth Patrick’s Brush Lettering 

If your handwriting is more Comic Sans than calligraphy, and you’ve always wanted to learn how to form beautiful lettering, I think Laura’s class will be just your cup of tea! Suitable for first-timers or experienced inkers, this hands-on event will teach you how to create letters with a brush, a pot of black ink and some new know-how. These are one-off classes and there are still spaces available for the March event, so hop to it!

Jewellery Making Workshops with Bonnie Bling

I first revealed Bonnie Bling’s new jewellery making workshops in this post, and, having been along and made my very own charm necklace at Mhairi’s first event, I couldn’t recommend spending an afternoon (or morning for that matter!) of Blinging and blethering enough! Bonnie Bling have just announced more classes and I have a feeling there will be even more to come. If bright, tongue-in-cheek accessories are your bag, this one’s for you!

Let’s make 2018 the year we push ourselves out of our comfort zones (and have a blast while we do it!). And please give me a shout if you give any of these Glasgow workshops, classes and events a go – I’d love to hear how you get on!


Disney Decor for Grown-ups

disney decor

When you hear the phrase Disney Decor, it’s easy for a lot of people to assume the extremely OTT. Does it mean an armchair shaped like Winnie The Pooh? An entire room decorated like Cinderella’s Castle? How exactly DOES an adult Disney fan display their interest through interior design, without looking like they live inside the House of Mouse?

I truly believe that you can show some playful nods to your favourite characters, movies and theme parks in tasteful touches throughout your home. Around our place, we’ve established our own bright and retro-inspired style, but look a little closer and you’ll probably notice some familiar faces, too!

Not sure if it can be done? Let me show you! Today, I’d love to share how we do Disney decor for grown-ups in just a few easy steps…

disney decor

Understated Ornaments 

Amongst our usual candles, books and other knick knacks, we have a couple of Disney-inspired ornaments – the first is a Mickey-shaped money box (I picked it up a couple of years ago in an Urban Outfitters sale!) which is a simplified design based on the iconic Mickey head logo.

The second is a pale pink planter, which features Beaker from The Muppets. That face, though! It really cracks me up. The colour goes really well with our decor and it holds our faux plants perfectly! This is a fairly new addition to our living room – you can still shop ’em here…

disney decor

Prints and Artwork 

As well as two gallery walls in our flat, we also have spaces for prints above our fireplace and in our hall, giving us plenty of places to hang some of our favourite vintage Disney parks artwork. Old advertising campaigns, concept art and colourful attraction posters look great mixed in with other indie prints that we have framed.

Top tip: Keeping gallery walls quite varied and eclectic means you can fit artwork in with your usual interior style without it feeling like overkill.

disney decor

Plates and Cups

I never set out to start collecting the Disney x Starbucks You Are Here Collection cups BUT here we are – four parks later! I can’t resist the mid century interpretations and super vivid colours of the parks. Not to mention, the cups are a great size for big cosy drinks (I start most mornings slurping coffee from one…). We’ve also got a few plates from our last Walt Disney World visit in the same sort of style – subtle, but still undoubtedly Disney.

disney decor

When I think about our home, it’s my happy place – somewhere I can relax, work and have fun. It’s a reflection of my personality too, and it wouldn’t quite be the same if I didn’t have little reminders of our Disney adventures dotted around the rooms!

And, by sticking to similar retro, colourful pieces, we manage to make our Disney Decor work in harmony with the rest of our space.